I need to update information or want to confirm my reservation

No, in fact it is cheaper, especially on longer trips.

How long will I wait for the vehicle ?

If you tell us, the necessary time, without extra charge. If we do not receive any notice and not answer at the number provided in the reservation, 90´00 minutes after the plane landed, we understand that vanishes taxi service.

I want to cancel a reservation.

You do not worry. You do not charge, but please let us know

Can I pay by credit card ?

We accept payment by credit card, except American Express, but some taxis do not have this possibility, please inform us when you book.

What happens after you click on the reservation you want to accept ?
We will receive your request for booking and send you an email to confirm the reservation.
I can not find my driver. What do I do ?

Please, you go to the meeting point located on the door nº 4 in the center of the airport arrivals hall and let us know, we will find.

What if takes forever tape I have lost luggage or a suitcase?

Please contact us by calling the telephone number that we provide to confirm the booking

Can you meet me at any time of day or night ?

Yes as all bookings are pre booked we can provide a 24hr service.

What if I have not received confirmation and my transfer is imminent ?

Please call (phone) and we will deal with your booking as quickly as possible.

How do I know who my driver?

We will be waiting with your name on a sign, please going to the meeting point, located on the door nº 4.

My flight has been canceled.

Do not worry about the taxi, do not have extra charge, but please, warn us, if you make a new reservation or call by phone.

I travel with a pet.

Please let us know in the comments section of the booking form and we will send a taxi to the right boot. Important! you do not forget that the current regulations, forced to transport the animals confined in a suitable carrier.

I travel with children and need adapters for seats.

In the booking form you can include all the information you see fit, we have all kinds adapters, car seats and boosters, for children to ride comfortable and safe.

Whithout additional charge. If you are traveling with children, do not forget to comment on their old years, for to take the right seat. The children and babys should be included in the total number of passengers.

If your plane is delayed . I have to pay extra ?

You do not have to pay any extra, do not worry about the taxi, we monitor your flight and are us informed of the incident.

What do I do if my flight is delayed. I will wait for the driver?

Patience and do not worry about for the transfer. Our drivers are professionals and are accustomed. Thanks to the information we sent in the transfer booking form, we know the incidents of the flight and will wait until it arrives.

Can I make an online reservation?

Yes, Just enter the details on the ´booking Online´ form and will automatically receive a quote. It is then up to you if you would like to make a booking.

Is your company licensed and fully insured ?

Yes, We are fully licensed. All our vehicles are also insured.

Is it more expensive to book a vehicle through Mallorca Bus a vehicle at the airport?

No, in fact it is cheaper, especially on longer trips.